The NKhmc is a conglomerate of High Art concepts.
Here are some, though not all, of our links, in no particular order:

  • - Art and activities to get us all through Corona.

  • - The personal blog of the Legion of Calavara: siblings who draw robots doing it, and not much else.

  • Harmony Boom Island - An all ages, all encompassing narrative world of adventure and mad science run amok.

  • ABCDE FC - Random soccer stuff, some art, some comics, some alphabets.

  • Raccoonteurs - A strange sort of book we sometimes publish.

  • Bopes - A world of weird little people.

  • Shop! - A place to maybe buy some stuff?

  • Scrimshaw - A comic sort of a project.

  • P. Calavara's Hamlet - For anyone who wants a comic of Hamlet, or Hamlet in a comic.

  • Bathos - A defunct webcomic, I guess?

  • Threadless Shop - Some shirts we designed and have for sale.

  • Rick L Perry - A photographer who is stealing web hosting from us.

  • Email! - As advertised.

We'll add more as whatever and ever. Like, where the heck is Never Knows Books? We've put out like 30 publications, but never bothered to make a website!

all bathos, pathos, images, words, ennui, stories, et al copyright 2011 Never Knows Heavy Manufacturing Concern, P. Calavara & Rick Perry.