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Written, drawed, and other by P. Calavara, Olympia.

Based on an original idea by Nikolai Gogol, Petersburg.

Ink & inkwash on 11x14" bristol board.

This is genuinely one of the more esoteric projects I've done, adapting a (very famous!) Russian short story into a monologue told by a character from a play. Outstanding.

I super-recommend the original Gogol story to all comers, probably a good idea before you read my version. It's short, hilarious, and public domain since it's a million years old, so it is available here for free, though I have never read that translation and cannot specifically speak for or against it. It's just the first thing the Google machine found. My secret hope is that someone actually performs this as a monologue or makes a short film of it. Fantastico!

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all bathos, pathos, images, words, ennui, stories, et al copyright 2011 P. Calavara