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Based in Olympia, WA, the Never Knows HMC is your home for fantastic!
We are a loose conglomeration of esoteric services provided by highly qualified layabouts and bookish types.
(Those of a creative temperment)
Services include:

  • Illustration & Design
  • Robot-Beaver-Related Research
  • Smallest-Press Publishing
  • Artistic Affectations (for sale!)
  • Cadging
Whether your needs are local to the Puget Sound area or you're looking to fill your Chateau on the French Riviera with only the finest paintings of robots, The Never Knows HMC is your one-stop solution for those problems we solve.


In which I remembered that there was actually a news kind of a section on this site that I was supposed to be updating! Hooray! So, here are some things that have recently whatever:
  • Gallery Boom! We opened an art gallery in Tumwater, WA last year.
  • All Good Excuses! We built a random excuse generator for no real discernable reason.
  • The Bopes! A style of drawing strange little people doing things and stuff.
    I'm certain we've done bunches of other stuffs in the last few years, plus we've released, like, more than a dozen books, but those are the things I thought of offhand, so there you go. See you in 2018!

    So: last month we kicked off our People of Greater Olympia History history card project.
    We subsequently financed it more then twice over on Kickstarter and are currently deep into production. Hooray! In the last month we also got our basement up and running as a pseudo working serigraphy studio. Also hooray!

    So: Restarted Scrimshaw.
    It's been a few years since book 1 ended and came out in paperback. It had always been my intention to get back to this and I finally have. I don't have it very far written out, but that's okay, we'll just roll with it.

    So: Harmony Boom.
    This is a joint venture between P. Calavara, Christine Malek, and P. Calavara. It's tough to explain so go check it out, where it will continue to be tough to explain.

    So: new shop.
    Upon realizing that the shop hadn't been maintained or updated in, like, many years, I decided to take a whirl at it. Here you go: shop.neverknows.com. It's not altogether there as I didn't have time today to add all of the prints or any of the original art, but at least it's a start and it's a lot more cohesive than it was. Das ist alles.

    So: Bathos news.
    In honor of five straight years of robotic madness, we're changing the schedule to now post comics "whenever the hell P. Calavara feels like it." We also redesigned the Bathos page to be cleaner and more scalable. Is that a word? Whatever. Happy June.

    So: new website.
    As much as we loved the HTML acrobatics of the old site, we took a vote and elected to redo the Never Knows HMC homepage. This decisions has been perhaps a little late in coming, but, hey, we're a busy bunch of people. Will we get around to updating the store or the Never Knows Books site? At some point, probably, though maybe not today.

    The savvy observer may notice that multiple of our projects are not yet represented by neat little images over on the right. All we can say is that they will be in time, unless we forget. It should also be noted that some sites, like previously mentioned Books and Store subsites, as well as the Super Genius Design site have not been updated in, probably, several years, so cut us some slack. We do still take orders through the store and will someday get it all updated and squared away with, like, anything we've done in the last couple of years, but in the meantime, the best place to keep abreast of our projects is probably at P. Calavara's blog, Calavara.com. Anyhow, there you go.

  • Kontakte et al

    The best way to get a hold of us is through the email creatures: Rick@NeverKnows.com.
    The less good though still viable way is to use the telephonic fairies: 360.259.2358

    Sequential Amazement

    Harmony Boom is the official comic about the denizens of Harmony Boom Island. It updates M/W/F every week.

    The Bopes is the place where I put things that are done in this particular style of drawing, unless I put them somewhere else.
    Bathos is a webcomic about a robot (not pictured). It updates regularly, hasn't updated in years, and can be quite educational, or at least irrationally intellectual.

    P. Calavara's Hamlet is a strange little diddy, which we can't briefly explain. Updates sporadically.

    Scrimshaw is a comic about Geppetto and Baron Munchausen living together in a whale. Updates sporadically.
    Didactics & Money-Making Schemery

    The ramblings of our in-house elucidated master of the pen, brush, and casual coffee stain. To be found at calavara.com.

    Harmony Boom Island is an island inhabited by the strange creatures and creations of Dr. Jagwit, noted mad scientist. There are comics, novels, pictures books, and stuffed animals for your enjoyment.

    All Good Excuses is a Random Excuse Generator, plus some other stuff, I think.

    Thurston County History Cards is a project wherein we create a whole bunch of illustrated baseball-style cards featuring people from the history of the greater Olympia area.

    all bathos, pathos, images, words, ennui, stories, et al copyright © 2011 Never Knows Heavy Manufacturing Concern, P. Calavara & Rick Perry.